Track Worlds: Hammer ready to pass pursuit torch to Dygert

With seven big showdowns and four Olympic awards among her Palmares, Sarah Hammer has effortlessly settled herself as America’s most enriched track competitor. However, the 33-year-old has witnessed the future and seen that her days at the top are numbered, and she has a really smart thought which rider will thump her from her roost. Truth be told, she’s staying with her this week in Hong Kong at the UCI Track World Championships, which begin Wednesday and proceed through Sunday.


20-year-old Chloe Dygert, Hammer’s progressing understudy and flatmate this week in Hong Kong, will make another stride in her track hustling advancement when she goes after the first run through for a rainbow pullover in the 3km individual interest, the occasion Hammer has won five times and for which she at present holds the world record of 3:22.269.

Dygert, who won her first tip top rainbow shirt finally year’s World Championships in the group interest, grabbed the 3km individual interest this year at the Los Angeles World Cup finals, where she brought the gold decoration with a period of 3:28.431, beating Hammer’s reputation by three seconds in simply her third since forever endeavor at the occasion.

While Hammer concentrates on Hong Kong’s mass-begin occasions – the omnium, scratch race and focuses race – Dygert will get the individual interest flag for USA Cycling, wanting to rehash her outcome in Los Angeles and win her first individual tip top title. Regardless of her naiveté, she knows bringing home the pullover from Hong Kong will be a significantly taller request than winning in L.A.

“I’ve been taking a gander at the circumstances [of] the others young ladies that I’ll be contending with, and it’s difficult to state,” Dygert told Cyclingnews. “Each track is so unique, and I’m so new to it that somebody who hears what they’re saying is presumably saying, ‘Gracious my gosh, she’s moronic,’ however my own conviction is that each track is so extraordinary and that each race and each body is so not quite the same as every day, that it’s recently difficult to state.

“It’s certainly going to be extremely aggressive and an exceptionally solid field, however, group interest is such a major concentration for each group, thus following an Olympic year everybody gets to sort of concentrate on their individual endeavors, so significantly a larger number of young ladies are doing the individual interest than a year ago, so the opposition has unquestionably grown a bit,” she said.

Dygert will likewise repeat her part on the US group interest squad that won gold finally year’s titles in London. The group, less Hammer, won the occasion in Los Angeles, however, will confront a substantially harder field in Hong Kong. They’ll likely race with Kim Geist as opposed to with Hammer, who said that in spite of the fact that she is one of five riders named for the group interest list she is centered around the mass begin occasions and does not hope to get a ride in the group interest.

“I’ve spent such a variety of years in those air bars, I’m similar to, ‘Nowadays I’m resigned,'” she said.

A totally open omnium after changes

Changes to the omnium in 2016 that diminished the occasion from six races to four, expelling the coordinated occasions and including the rhythm race, will create a completely open occasion that anybody can now win, Hammer said. She won the omnium rainbow pullover in 2013 and 2014, however, riders who may have been weaker in the planned occasions in the past now have a much clearer shot at winning the by and large.

“Everybody is really a contender now,” Hammer said. “Sometime recently, with the coordinated stuff, you could do the counts about how riders would lose X measure of focuses in all these planned occasions so they are not a danger. Presently everybody is a risk. It makes it energizing hustling. The rhythm race is a touch of fascinating. Regardless I’m figuring out how to race that.”

Not training for the omnium’s planned occasions has permitted Hammer to set her air bicycle aside for later and concentrate totally on the mass begin occasions, giving a touch of inspiration following quite a while of dreary preparing.

“I’m truly eager to do the focuses race and scratch race,” she said. “I haven’t had the chance to race remain solitary occasions at the World Championships outside of the omnium since before the last Olympic cycle in 2012. Furthermore, I’m stating before that cycle, so it’s been seven or eight years. So that has been fun, and clearly, the omnium has another configuration taking out the planned occasions. I’m feeling decent on my mass-begin bicycle, so that has been magnificent. It’s backpedaling to my foundations.”

Thoughts of retirement, and a replacement

At 33 and having won her first World Championship over 10 years prior, Hammer’s considerations have swung to a conceivable retirement, in spite of the fact that they have all the earmarks of being only musings now.

“It will come eventually, without a doubt,” she said. “Despite everything I’m appreciating hustling my bicycle. It’s been another test, changing back to the mass begin stuff, and I’m getting a charge out of that test. I’ve been in this so long when you’re accomplishing something for a long time it gets monotonous, so it’s pleasant to have another objective and another test. Those are imperative things for me. We’ll perceive how well it goes. On the off chance that I get those titles then … clearly, I generally get a kick out of the chance to go out on top.”

At the point when Hammer steps far from the game, she’ll do as such knowing a commendable substitution is on the ascent. Pound said she detected Dygert’s potential the first occasion when she saw her on the track amid Dygert’s first-historically speaking day of velodrome preparing.

“I saw her potential irrefutably the main day,” Hammer said. “My jaw dropped. I resembled, ‘Gracious, amazing. This is great.’ I’ve had my eye on her even before she won the lesser street titles. I was peering through outcomes at junior nationals and I’d seen her outcomes and afterward, I saw photo of her on the platform, and I saw her legs and I resembled, ‘Whoa, this resembles a track rider here.'”

Dygert was correspondingly inspired with Hammer that first day. She said she stuck herself to Hammer’s wheel amid exercises, and the coach disciple relationship has developed from that point.

“It’s practically clever,” Dygert said of how close they’ve progressed toward becoming. “We had our soigneur come in yesterday and she was washing her hands in the lavatory and saw that Sarah and I have similar toothbrushes, we have a similar toiletry sacks, we have similar satchels. We resemble a similar individual. Off the bicycle she’s had back issues since perpetually prior, and I just smothered my back a year ago, so we’re both getting similar medicines and we’re both utilizing a similar KT Tape, it resembles we’re twins on and off the bicycle. It’s truly incredible.”

At the point when Dygert beat Hammer’s record on the track in Los Angeles, the tutor was there to support and salute the understudy.

“She’s so steady,” Dygert said. “When I softened her record up the 3km, she was in that spot. She’s revealing to me how to do it. She resembles, ‘Chloe you need to go off here. You need to do this, you need to do this.’ And when I got off the track she was the first there to embrace me. She’s only an incredible contender. She has an incredible heart. She’s an awesome competitor and companion and guide.”

Pound said the “sky is the breaking point” for what Dygert can finish on the track and furthermore out and about, where she won the lesser time trial and street race at the 2015 big showdowns, and Dygert seems to have the aspiration to match Hammer’s thoughts regarding her potential.

“I have such a large number of various objectives,” Dygert said. “I see Sarah and what she’s done in the USA. So I take a gander at that and say, ‘No doubt, I need to fulfill that.’ Then I take a gander at Laura Kenny from Great Britain and see what she’s done and I need to finish that. At that point, I see what Coryn Rivera did recently in Flanders, and I think I need to resemble her.

“Dislike I’m frantic that they did that and I’m envious. It’s all the more quite recently persuading to me. Like on the off chance that she can do that then I need to attempt and do it, as well. It’s the same with Kristin [Armstrong] and her three gold decorations in the Olympics. It resembles, ‘Goodness, man, me as well. I need.'”

Dygert needs to make it even one stride encourage, with her definitive objective being to contend in street and track occasions at a similar Olympics. In the event that the Madison is added to the 2020 Olympics, Dygert stated, she sees a way to achieving that achievement.

“So I would do the Madison as my occasion on the track and after that TT or potentially the street race,” she said before giggling and making an expansion. “At that point perhaps toss in some mountain biking, you know.”

Pound said on the off chance that anybody could pull it off, it’s her protege.

“Individuals have bent over and had achievement in both quite a while prior,” Hammer said. “Be that as it may, it was distinctive. There wasn’t as much specialization on the track and they rode littler apparatuses in those days. I think the last individual was Leontien van Moorsel. In 2000 she won gold in both. Presently you don’t consider it to be much, yet anything is conceivable. On the off chance that anyone can do it, it would be Chloe.”


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